YSL Loulou or the Chanel 19 Flap

YSL LouLou or the Chanel 19 Flap?

  • YSL LouLou

    Votes: 31 72.1%
  • Chanel 19 Flap

    Votes: 11 25.6%
  • Something else - Lmk below!

    Votes: 1 2.3%

  • Total voters


May 24, 2019
Hey all - UPDATE -

So I found the loulou combo that I wanted on fashionphile, so I went with that one for price alone. I'm still interested in the Chanel 19 (however, I'm not sure if it will last long term), but gotta say I do love the loulou as an everyday workhorse bag. Thanks yall for the input - you're the luxury family I didn't know I needed
Congrats on your YSL loulou! I have a medium loulou and it is a workhouse as others have already said. My concern if you did get the Chanel 19 is that it will not age well because of it's slouchiness..it might "deflate" over time like how lambskin quilting behaves.
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Mar 9, 2006
In my cozy room
Loulou is the way to go! Great bag and yet so classic too.. honestly I have not seen many people carrying Loulou over here infact, I have also been eyeing for Chanel for the longest time but the price point makes my heart ache....