Valentino glam lock color fading


New Member
Mar 27, 2020
Just purchased this gorgeous Valentino glam lock in Black pebbled Leather. There is color fading to tops of rockstuds & Leather. Anybody have any recommendations on what to use to recolor the leather & tops of studs? I don't want to ruin my beautiful new bag. The fading is along the edges of the leather on the stud strip in the middle. Thank you all & stay safe.


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Apr 20, 2018
Angelus paint works well on leather, but I wouldn’t use it to paint a large surface as it will change the texture of the leather. For touch ups it should work fine. They sell it on amazon. For the metal part I would search amazon also...I came across a brand once but I’m sorry I don’t recall the brand name. I’m sure they have touch up metal paint pens. Good luck!