Stilly's Pigalle Parade Plus!!!


Aug 20, 2008
East Coast US
This is another casual outfit that impresses me so much. Tight clothes and classical high heels always match so well, and I'm also a fan of jeans and high heels... It means sensuality and elegance side by side. Those heels are gorgeous leaving your feet's arch visible.
Thanks so much heelsmodels!!!

Absolutely amazing :heart: :heart:
Thanks jeans&heels!!!

Great combination! Your stunning legs has to be shown off:smile:!
Thanks Mitterman!!!:smile:

So chic, looks perfect from top to bottom!
Thanks aporl!!!


Apr 28, 2016
Oh Stilly. You are such a dear to post these pics. You know how much I love the look of Debouts and the toe rings + your outfit make just the perfect combination. I think I mentioned this before but dear, your legs are THE perfect size and shape for leggings... and with that cute little "bubble butt" bum of yours I swear you must stop traffic and be the envy of every other girl in the office. You certainly would be where I work. Every Friday we have a little candid contest to see who can wear the "flirtiest" outfit and, I can honestly say, you would win hands down with that Friday outfit !! Tell me dear, do the other girls you work with wear dresses and heels ? There are 4 of us (plus a VERY female manager) at the shop so everyday is a bit of a fashion show - especially when the shop is empty of customers. I mean girls have to talk about something all day, right ?
Just saw this knee length pencil skirt, for curvy hips. It also shows midriff (something you should try?) See attached image

They call it thunder thighs, we say they are wonder thighs. With curves like those, why would one want to keep them a mystery? Flaunt them with figure-hugging pencil skirts. Also, to all the hip heavy women, stop covering yourself in flared palazzos. Do not fall into the trap where they tell you pencil skirtdress is not for your chubby body type. Your curves are your assets and they are sure of something not to be shied away from. Be it a party night or an important office meeting, a sleek and sassy pencil skirt outfitsnever fails to impress you with its glamour. For a chic formal ensemble, opt for formal pencil skirt outfits complemented with a matching coat. If you are looking out for a style to kill them with sass at a party, a leather pencil skirt is your answer. If you are a fan of romanticized dressing style go for a lace pencil skirt. Pencil skirts look best when paired with boots and complement well with the confident vibes.
Stilly, this 10 year thread started with some classic knee length "bell skirts". Respectable, dignified. Then, you started rocking short skirts..young/wild! These days you are killing it with mini MINI skirts..naughty! You've tried some midi-skirts (mid calf). Maybe try some knee length pencil skirts?

See other 2 attached pics, Khloe Kardashian is trying skin hugging bike pants and skirts. Stilly, you should try bike like skin tight full length pants.

Couldn't agree more !! Especially in so cal - summer is the time for my "just barely covers my bum" skirts and dresses - lol.
Pics or it didn't happen! LOL. You should try knee length (stretch) skirts, that would accentuate your bum. Then, as day progresses..pull them up for higher hemline. I always do this, it builds up drama to the final act -- mini MINI skirt! Euphoric feeling..

Wow, you are in SoCal? Me too! I should try visiting at your jewelry shop, where are you located?


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