Real Versus High End Fake VCA


Apr 7, 2017
I have definitely seen some fakes sneak in on popular, reputable, trusted websites (that I myself have bought from and still buy from). The unfortunate truth of the matter is that resellers and consignment shops get a ton of inventory and I just don't believe they have the time or energy to properly authenticate EVERY individual piece even if they say they are doing so. They most likely even have the best of intentions and still fakes can accidentally slip through.

No one should just blindly trust any reseller. You need to know what you are buying, and get yourself familiar with the brand, the intricate details of the item, how designs may have changed over the years, serial numbers according to the year the item is from, font, etc.

Yes, super fakes be vigilant. I have never seen a super fake where there wasn't at least one tell, if you throughly examine the item and KNOW what the authentic version should be like.

As for people buying replica jewelry and other replica items like handbags, shoes, clothing, etc - yes, this exists. There are entire forums just like TPF where people discuss replicas. Not everyone can afford real designer items and some people want the look without the price. There are some people who can actually afford the real thing, and still don't want to spend that amount of money so they buy replicas. Local jewelers near me openly display and sell replica VCA and Cartier, and they will tell you upfront they are replicas. :shocked: :-s


Feb 20, 2012
Thanks for the info. SA was never going to make or break a sale on an item that isn’t available; I think he was genuinely trying to help me. I later realized the dates on the certification cannot be correct. I just wanted to let people know that it replicas do appear on reputable sites (as many ppl already know)