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Pochette Metis-Infos,stock,Wait time

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  1. Can't you just prepay for it with your CA? I'm in Canada too and I hear you (website availability really sucks for us). Given there's a waiting period, at least you know you have a better chance than stalking online.

    I know for sure I wouldn't have gotten my Giant Neverfull without preordering like this.
  2. For some reason they won’t let me!! I did end up calling the CS line and had a lovely SA take down my info and she said she would call me the next time she saw one pop up. So here’s hoping!
  3. That has happened to me. I’ve been able to place in my cart twice but then I couldn’t get it to go through. I did get lucky one night in May and was able to add a PM reverse mono to my bag and purchase it was around 10 pm cst. I had it shipped to my local LV.

    When I went to pick it up, the two SAs that helped were super shocked. The one SA came outta the back with my box and told the other SA, you’ll never guess what it is....it’s a pm. Then the SA pulls it out of the box and says, OMG it’s a reverse, you got lucky. I asked them when was the last time they got one in store and they said sometime around the holidays, but an SA bought it before it got to the floor. (Made me wonder how many times that happens).

    I did have a PM mono from 2012, that got the dreaded melted glazing in 2016. They deemed it defective and gave me credit for the current PM price. I totally thought I’ll never get a PM again cause I rarely used it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. But because I had an issue with my original PM, the only way I was going to purchase it again was new from LV.
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  4. Hi guys! Any new updates on stock wait times for the PM mono? Has any one had any luck getting one off the website? I’m based in Canada. So far no luck this week :sad:
  5. So, 4 years ago, I tried the PM in New York, I just went in and asked for it - and they had a few, no problem, but I ended up with an other bag, but I still think about it. I’m going to Paris in August, do you think it Will be possible to finns any there?
  6. Hi!! I’m from Canada too. I recently caught the PM bug and told myself let’s see how possibly hard could it be to get this bag. I’ve called all the LV stores within my area - none in stock, called customer service - none in all of North America and told me that they only have these in production every 4-6 weeks and so I asked to be put on the waiting list to which they no longer do waiting list anymore. I decided to stalk the website by refreshing the page every 5-10 minutes or whenever I possibly can while I was at work, on my phone and at home and behold, I was able to add the bag to the cart in two days which was a week ago. And ever since then I would randomly refresh and have found it available about every 2-3 days but they go out very quickly within 5 minutes. Don’t lose hope, just keep refreshing and make sure to save your credit card info to make the check out much faster. Good luck!
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  7. Hi JustPeaches! Omg that gives me hope. I’m going to try that strategy ;). Would you mind if I PM you? Haha wanting to ask if you happen to see it online if you could lmk.
  8. Omg..im still crossimg fingers in Australia. Anyone able to snag it recently?
  9. Just saw it available again and was gone by the time I was checking out!
  10. Oh no! I just saw it online for a couple minutes today as well. Try saving your credit card info to make checking out fast!
    You’ll get it :smile:
  11. Someone I know went to Paris a few months ago and purchased a Metis. She did say it was the last one in store.
  12. Run!!!!!!!

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  13. I called this afternoon around 1pm and the customer service line said there were 3 available in Rodeo Drive but of course you can’t call them they’ll have to call you. Gave up! And I told my husband and he happened to go on the website around 3 PM and it was in stock so he put it on his cart, texted me, and of course I said BUY IT NOW before it’s out of stock! He totally got lucky and I feel lucky cause I’ve only been looking and stalking the website and calling the customer service line for a week or so. Is the PM really hard to find still? Or did I just get lucky? I’m not sure anymore.
  14. Thank you!
  15. Think you still got lucky! They’re still hard to find - but seem to pop up on the website everyday but you have to be quick and lucky!