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Pochette Metis-Infos,stock,Wait time

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  1. Hi Guys, anyone in Melbourne able to get PM in reverse? Been looking for it for ages but no luck.

    Any advise where i can grab one? Please please please????
  2. Yes! Managed to get the PM in reverse from the Melbourne Collins St boutique mid December last year. I just got really lucky - walked in and asked and the lovely Bonnie told me she thought one may have come in that morning. Sure enough it had and hadn’t yet been put out for sale. Good luck!
  3. Hi luxury babes,

    I’m new here and I wanted some advice. I will be ready to make my first LV purchase in the next month or two and I’m very interested in the PM. I know it’s going to be difficult and I wanted your input. As far as I can tell from the forums it seems I have a couple options.

    1. Check the website regularly. I’ve read especially checking at night.
    2. Make friends with an SA or possibly get on a waitlist (if that’s even an option at some places. I read some places aren’t doing that anymore). I don’t have a LV in my area right now but I will be moving to Seattle soon and obviously there will be more options.
    3. Buy pre-loved. I am open to this and I am willing to pay above retail. I just worry about the authenticity even with places like Fashionphile. Do you guys get a second opinion when buying pre-loved? I know to get complete peace of mind is to buy direct but who knows when I will be able to get my hands on this precious bag.

    So am I missing anything? Is it worth calling specific stores ahead of time? I will have the Seattle LV, Seattle Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus in my area as well as the Portland LV.

    Thanks for your time and for reading. Any tips and tricks you have will be greatly appreciated!
  4. I have seen Pochette Metis available online numerous times and I bought mine twice that way (first time I was overwhelmed with guilt, returned it, and then bought it again because I'm ridiculous). I really do think watching the website regularly, helps a lot.
  5. Thanks for replying! May I ask your time zone and possibly when you’ve seen it? Not trying to be annoying I’m just wanting to get an idea. I would prefer to buy it from the website. Thanks again!
  6. Hi! Congrats on your upcoming first purchase! I was actually able to snag one online yesterday (Sunday) around 1230pm. I’ve had it on my wishlist and would randomly check the website throughout the day to see if it pops up. I’ve actually seen it online 4 other times before, but finally made the decision to go for it. :smile: I’ve seen it at all hours of the day- morning/afternoon/night.

    I visited Seattle last month for mother’s day weekend and actually made the drive to Portland and bought my speedy b 30 there... no sales tax!!! If you’re able to find the PM online, I’d suggest shipping it to & picking it up at the Portland store so you can take advantage of the 0% sales tax! In comparison, Seattle has about a 10.5% sales tax (ouch!).

    Hope this was somewhat helpful. Good luck and happy hunting! :smile:
  7. I was able to get a PM in the reverse mono on friday night on the website. This was around maybe 11:15-11:30pm (EST)? I would suggest creating a myLV account on their website and then adding the PM to your your "wishlist" once logged in. I was checking for the PSM and PM for like a month with no luck. Then I created an account and plopped them both on my wish list, and that night it let me add the PSM to my cart and the next day it let me add the PM. Hope this works for you as well!!!
  8. No worries, I'm PST and I've seen it in the evening and in the early afternoon.
  9. Wow ok thank you! That’s a great idea! Thanks for responding. I felt like a crazy person last night. I was watching handmaids tale and every commercial I would check and it still said call for availability. I know when the time is right it will happen though!
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  10. Thank you! I’ll keep checking!
  11. Thanks that’s a great idea! I made an account right after I read this. Hopefully I can jump on it next time I see it available! Thanks for the tip.
  12. I have been stalking the website in Canada and finally managed to get one into my shopping cart the other day but it was sold out again before I had a chance to check out!

    Honest opinion...how likely do you think it is that I will get my hands on this bag?

    Should I just suck it up and buy one from a reseller?
  13. I would wait for a new one and do believe you can get one.
  14. I do believe you can get a new one too. Just have to refresh the site all the time throughout the day. And also put in a word with all the LV SAs you know, so when when a shipment comes in, they can call you.
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  15. This is not a bag that I would buy pre-loved. I would hold out for new. It is easier to get help from LV if you are the original owner and have any issues later. I think a good SA may make it easier. Good luck!