November 2021 Purchases


May 14, 2016
@linhtp411 - Last pic contains serial code specifically for your bag (old days that number on the black card and sticker inside the bag) on initial post. 2nd to last pic has the style codes (universal identifier). (Not sure if you can remove last pic but request admin for assistance).
@Jkfashionstyle and @linhtp411 The Chanel Boutique SA's (New York 5th Avenue & Short Hills Mall in NJ) from 2 different purse purchases did not give me the tags. For the first purchase, at the New York 5th Avenue store, I actually called back to inquire why the tag wasn't still attached to the purse or at least added to my receipt envelope. I was told, that they don't give the tag to customers. I guess Chanel is really trying to clamp down on fake bags using info from real tags.
@Jkfashionstyle and @linhtp411, I want to correct something I said in an earlier post about not receiving the tag. The Short Hills boutique did leave the tag attached. ( I finally started using the bag and found the tag attached inside. See my post #295 in the October 2021 Purchases.) However as I said earlier, the New York boutique did not give me the tag. Hope this helps.