New eBay Fees on Luxury Bags


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Jul 4, 2007
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Oops, I stand corrected. I do see $500+ Dior Wallets without the "Authenticity Guarantee" IF they are listed in the category of wallets. Wallets designated in the "Womens Bags and Handbags" category do have the AG label.
Interesting. Thank you!
I think it also will take longer to get the item to the customer if we have to send it to eBay first. I like to ship items out within 24 hours.


Jan 31, 2015
Hi, can you share an update on how the shipping worked out?
Yes, it just arrived at my house, it did not go to ebay authenticate. The seller miss-stated the brand in the brand category selection, and that is apparently why it was not flagged for the program, though the title of the listing spelled the brand properly. It seems like a big loophole, as there are many other options of how a seller could get around the program if they wanted to. I will not spell them out here, but they are easy to come up with.