New ad Campaign not your mother’s Tiffany

lv in yyc

Mar 18, 2013
Beyoncé is not young. Not sure what they were trying to portray in the campaign. No I’m not an ageist. But there are better ways of appealing to younger generation than dissing their parents. I’m in my early forties and moved on from Tiffany but my teenager loves the classic Tiffany blue feels. The Campaign was unnecessary.
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Nov 23, 2006
In my humble opinion, Tiffany did not ask Beyonce to be in an ad. It was the other way around. I think Jay-Z insisted on an ad with Beyonce wearing the Tiffany necklace.

The ad made zero sense... everything about it was wrong, and it was so opposite of the Not Your Mother's campaign which just rolled out a bit earlier. The timing was completely off, almost as if TIffany had to rush to get the Beyonce ad out.
To me, everything about the ad had Jay-Z's fingerprints all over it. I can see him having a lot of input to it.

Yes, they are a cute couple, but they are also publicity hogs.
Here's what I think... Lady Gaga wore the Tiffany diamond and got so much publicity. Beyonce got jealous and wanted the same.
If you recall, Jay-Z recently sold his champagne brand, Armand de Brignac, to LVMH. Price was about $600M. I would bet as part of that deal, Jay-Z said to LVMH, "get my wife in an ad, and let her wear the Tiffany diamond, otherwise, no deal."
I can totally see Jay-Z doing that.

Every Tiffany ad has always tried to sell something... DBTY (Christy Turlington), silver pieces (Not Your Mother's), etc... The whole point of Tiffany ads is to enable you to want to buy that item, the DBTY, or the silver cuff bracelet.

This Beyonce ad is selling Beyonce, nothing else.
Anyway, that's my little theory. :biggrin:


Mar 3, 2021
The initial ad campaign that people like me reacted to featured very young women only, not a diverse mix of generations, and they weren't wearing the classic pieces in new ways; it was specifically for their newest line. The takeaway message for me was that women old enough to be mothers couldn't possibly be interested in newer, edgier pieces, nor would those younger women want to look like Audrey Hepburn. I just think it was a hot mess of an ad campaign.
I understand where you’re coming from - and thanks for taking the time to explain. From my experience, ad campaigns are often not isolated. They are gateways - they provide some stepping stones into the general direction the brand is taking or the values they’re embracing as a whole. So the campaign could’ve started with just the few young women, but I think it’s also worth analyzing their choices and campaigns since, which is why I’ve mentioned Beyonce, Blackpink, etc. It can resonate to one woman, but repulse the other. Either way, they sure are finding a new way to define their brand in these times and among their competition, and with it, their pieces.


Nov 23, 2006
I rather see an ad on how Tiffany could be incorporated throughout your life.

-Start off graduating high school and getting RTT necklace and bracelet
-After college ends move onto DBTY necklace
-Getting ready for an interview with your Tiffany pen on hand
-Looking to celebrate a new job with Pearl studs
- Creating dinner with a date using Tiffany stemware
- Date becomes engagement with Tiffany setting
- Marriage includes wedding band and cake knife
- Celebrate first born with diamond studs
- Job promotion with Victoria bracelet
- 40th birthday with diamond key
- Etc
Wow! That was fabulous! You should write the next ad for Tiffany!:biggrin::heart: