Moms and Chanel Boy Bags


Jan 22, 2007
England, UK
Have you taken a look at the Chanel Camera bags at all? I have a white Chanel camera bag that i've used somewhat daily (with lighter colour outfits, of course) but now that it is getting colder, I've switched over to my YSL mini Lou. I know the gucci camera bag is huge, so the Chanel and YSL are smaller and would fit roughly the same items as a Chanel WOC. But I'm going to jump on the Chanel WOC bandwagon, it seems like that is the consensus here and Nylon backpacks/bags :biggrin:
yes! A few weeks ago I was dead set on getting a Chanel camera bag. I forgot to look when I got my 19 from the boutique the other day. Do you know which styles they have at the moment?
Jun 27, 2015
Thank you for your input & so sorry about the delayed response. I find that Burberry is getting quite expensive. I have not yet checked the prices of their nylon items but Prada's nylon bags are through the roof, cost wise. If Burberry is similar to Prada in terms of cost for their nylon items then it's not worth it for me. But I do agree with having a backpack when I have a kid and keeping the Boys
the other go to for moms is a longchamp le pliage. it fits everything, hangs nice on a stroller and you don’t have to baby it. I used mine all the time.


Mar 9, 2019
So sorry for the late reply. Notifications from purseforum always end up in my junk folder. I LOVE the boy bag but for some reason not feeling the boy WOC. :facepalm: I think the smaller hardware looks odd. Just something about the shrunken dimensions of everything looks off to me. who knows. I never liked the boy bag when it came out but suddenly started loving it earlier this year out of nowhere. I prefer the chevron design though. What are your thoughts on the boy WOC?
No worries at all! To be honest I never really liked the boy bag too, and for whatever reasons I’m starting to like the small boy. I do not own a boy woc, I own the trendy cc woc and mademoiselle woc, I love how functional they are. My MIL has the boy woc, and I find it adorable, the only thing I am not feeling with the boy woc is the new thick chain, but some people like that.


Feb 17, 2008
Thank you so much for your advice! I guess I'm thinking too much because of Chanel's crazy price increase. I heard they will be having another one next month or so. I want to make sure I buy the bags I want (and will use in the future) now or I will regret it when the prices go up and it doesn't make sense anymore. I purchased my first Chanel, a classic flap, two years ago at the store. And now it is $2,000 more. All in the span of just two years! So ridiculous. But great advice about Longchamp. I do not think Burberry is worth it for a nylon bag but Longchamp is a good alternative. I'm still thinking about which style WOC to get. I have tons of black bags already...
definitely buy the bags if you can. I wish I could have bought more back then, but couldn't convince DH. Now he's more on board with me buying bags. He definitely agrees more to me buying bags within the last couple years because when I first wanted to buy chanel in Paris in 2013, a woc there (with vat tax return) was $1200! 2 years later i bought it for almost $900 more in the store in the states, so he regretted it.. haha. Since then he's been okay with me buying bags because he knows the price will just increase and I'm going to buy them eventually. haha. They are going to have another increase as they always have one in November.. but yeah it might be sooner because some countries have already had their price increase. The new WOC with the big CC that came out is really pretty! You should get that one! I have a pink WOC and although i love it, I now wish I got Black because I have to be really careful when I wear it. Black hides everything and you can be more carefree especially with kids. But, get the color you want if you decide to get it.