Mask Fashion


Apr 3, 2018
Great review and pics! I believe I read on this thread (sorry don't know the person's name) recommend you can do a candle blowing test to test how effective your mask is. Go back several pages and I believe the comments are there. I have't tried the candle myself yet.

Btw, who did you purchase your cloth cone style mask from? Are they on Etsy?
Yes, Etsy. The seller is okaygoshop. They sell multiple types of the fine design in multiple sizes. Mine are the non reversible kind with wire but I might get a reversible one, too. There’s more fabric available than the photos posted, so you might message them :smile:
Aug 4, 2007
I'm thinking this is related to general mask fashion. Has anyone picked up one of these Polaroid face shields (or any face shield) to use in addition to the mask? If so, do you like it? Thanks. View attachment 4878379
I wear a face shield all day at work but find them very uncomfortable to wear outside of work. They shift around on my head if I’m not wearing a scrub hat and get blown around from wind. They make a really loud rattling noise on very windy days.
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Jan 13, 2015
In the Paddock
For cats. :lol:

LOL! i don't have anymore outdoor cats and the indoor ones would most definitely refuse that! :lol:
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