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LV Neverfull in the UK

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  1. #1 Jun 29, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
    I have a new obsession with LV Neverfull in MM mono and am planning on getting one soon.

    Are there any quality issues with these Neverfull bags? Apart from potential rain staining on the vachetta? Anything to look out for? Does it make sense to put some of the purchase on a credit card so you have the extra section 75 protection? (Anyone needed to use that?)

    Finally, it’s gone up from something like £880 recently to £920 from what I can see, any ideas on whether there’ll be another price rise soon?
  2. Future price increases are guaranteed. How soon is hard to tell.
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  3. I put all my purchases on my credit card as I get a 2 year full insurance on eveything I buy with it (including minor damages).
    The neverfull is one of the classic bags of LV, there are no quality issues that I’m aware of except for the glazing on bags from a certain period melting (this happened with almost all glazed bags from a certain period) but this is no longer a concern.
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  4. Thank you for your replies

    The only other bag style I really like is the Iena. Is there a reason why that’s not available in mono?

    I originally liked the Neverfull in DE but then the mono really grew on me.
  5. Some bags are only released in a specific canvas while others are available in different canvas options. It’s whatever LV decides will sell.
  6. I can see older Iena monos though, so it must have been discontinued at some point?
  7. Yes, some options are released and then discontinued. I don’t know anything about the Iéna, specifically. But here is the deal: if you like something, buy it now as it could be gone tomorrow.