Louis Vuitton MultiPochette aka Scam Bag


Apr 28, 2020
What types of wallets do you all use with the multi Pochette? I could see potentially using a very small wallet in the larger Pochette or just using the mini Pochette for cards.
I use a Victorine, but you could use a Zoe, Rosalie, zippy coin purse, Recto Verso, key pouch. There's quite a good selection of SLG's to choose from.
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MyBelongs to Louis

My ❤️ Belongs to Louis
Sep 6, 2017
Some lady is accusing me of having a fake pink strap because it has 8 stitches while hers and her sisters have 7. When was the amount of stitches on these tabs changed? I know mine isn't fake because I purchased it from LV Rodeo store. Freaking insulting!
Wow she must be such a winner (sarcasm) :no: :lol: :lol: :lol:
You should ignore those ignorant comments, P3B - sending real positivity and LVOE your way! :hbeat: