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Louis Vuitton LockMe Backpack Owners!

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  1. #1 Jun 11, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
    Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 21.10.03.png Please may you leave your review and experience with the Louis Vuitton LockMe Backpack, in either the original or mini size.
    I am highly considering it to be my very first LV bag purchase. That, or the Locky BB.

    Many thanks!
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  2. Would love to see more on this bag as well!
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  3. I have the mini size.. It holds a lot and it's very carefree and lightweight. I brought it with me on my trips and it's super handy getting in and out of it. I guess the down side is that it's very unsafe because of how easy you can just open the top flap. I don't pull the drawstrings because I want more space so that might be another reason why I felt it's unsafe. But doesn't matter because I will wear it crossbody if I'm going somewhere crowded.
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  4. Thank you so much for your reply! I hope you're well. :amuse:
    I saw the mini size in person on a mannequin, I really regret not trying it on. Does it not look too small? And what do you normally carry in the bag for a day out, you said it holds a lot, so I would love some examples, please!
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  5. Basically this is what I carry on a daily basis. So happen I'm using it today so I took some photos for you. Oh my phone is missing cause I'm using it to take the photo :lol:

    It defintely can fit a mini pochette but it will just take up too much space imo. It can fit a long wallet vertically too but just that you will have to stretch the top flap so it will close.

    I chose this size over the bigger one just because I can have different options wearing this; hand held, cross body, classic backpack style, shoulder carry.. :giggle: 20190628_092000_mr1561685121390.gif 20190628_092244_mr1561685087863.gif
    I hope this helps! I honestly bought this on impulse because I walked in wanting the Cannes but I ended up bringing this home instead.
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  6. That's absolutely brilliant, thank you so much! Wow, it really does fit a lot. I use small/mini bags at the moment, so this bag would be perfect. I do love how the bag can be used and worn in different ways. Haha, picking up this little beauty was definitely a blessing in disguise when wanting to purchase the Cannes.

    I've completely fallen in love with this bag - I can't thank you enough for all the information you have given me! :heart:
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  7. Most welcome! :hbeat:
    p/s: My heart cannot forget about Cannes. So looks like I will need to give in soon :girlsigh:
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  8. It is such a beautiful bag. :loveeyes: I hope you get your Cannes soon! :amuse:
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  9. I love my Mini LockMe! Sold my regular size one and my Palm Springs mini. The straps are not removable on the regular size. The LockMe mini is so much better then the Palm Springs mini.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Ah, oh my goodness I am in love with this bag! Thank you so much for sharing... I may need to make the purchase soon. :angel:
  11. I’m trying to decide between the big and small size of this bag. Seems like the mini is he favourite here, but any thoughts on the larger size? The mini holds only my essentials but the large is more than I need. For those of you that have the mini do you feel it’s a fad and will go out of style in the next few years so it’d be better to get the classic size of the large?

    Also, how has the leather held up? That’s been my biggest hesitation. I want it for an every day bag but the leather looks so soft.
  12. I’ve had both and love the mini so much more. Sold the large one. It holds essentials plus I can stuff a thin extra shirt on top for cool evenings. It isn’t so small that it looks like some mini sizes. I suppose if you are super tall it may look pretty small. I am 5’4. I am not hard on bags so my leather is great!
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I don’t carry a lot typically so i feel the mini would be enough but The small $400 Canadian price difference make me think i should consider the large haha. I’m
    Only 5’4 too and honestly found the large a bit big looking on me. I like the versatility of the mini because it is more “purse-like” vs work-bag looking. I take care of my bags but don’t want to have to baby it like a lamb skin Chanel lol! Great to hear from someone who’s had both and chosen one over the other. Thanks so much!
  14. Hi,

    I have a black mini lock me with gold hardware and its such a cute, classy, and versatile bag. I wear it so much, i had to stop myself from overwearing it. If you the type that carries only essentials, then the mini is the perfect size. I sometimes put a really light and thin sweater/cardigan in the bag and it fits. You can also fit a regular size water bottle too but the cap will peak out on the side of the bag.

    I can't see this backpack going out of style even when the backpack craze die down; Its such a simple and classy design. But that might be just me because I was wearing backpack before it was even trendy.

    For wear and tear. The leather on the handle seems delicate. I have a super tiny spot where the leather is peeling and also a couple ot spot where the stitching is on the handle. But keep in mind, I use this bag like alot, i do not have a twilly wrap around the top handle, and i did not baby my bag. So if you use a twilly, you'll be fine. I do not have any other problems with the leather for the rest of the bag. However, the gold hardware on the straps has rub off onto the strap where the strap loops around the d ring. I don't know if this is the same problem for those with the backpack in silver hardware.

    I hope this helps!
  15. Thank you so much for your detailed reply igreenk3! This is so very helpful! Scratches were my big concern with the leather as it feels so soft and I’m happy to see you didn’t note that as a problem. Good to know about the twilly, I’ll look into that. And I agree with all the feedback given about essentials. I went today to try both sizes on and the mini fit everything I needed with a bit of room. I think the mini is so stylish and the perfect addition to a good outfit. The bigger size is an attractive bag too, but much more of a utility vibe. In the end I decided to get the bigger size because my kids are little and I’m guaranteed to have their things invade my bag. Let’s be real, I’m not going to be cool again for at least another 10 years lol! I really love all the ways you can wear the mini. It’s such a well-designed bag. Maybe I’ll pick one up in a fun color...

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