Is it possible that a Miu Miu bag doesn't have a label or tag inside?


Oct 4, 2020
I got this Miu Miu shoulder bag from a family member who passed away. It has no number code or "made in" label in the bag. I asked a Prada shop owner and he said the bag is genuine and that it's possible for Miu Miu bags to not have the labels. But when I read online I find most sources are saying that it should have the labels. Does anyone know?
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Aug 31, 2008
I bought a lot of Prada and miu miu bags, shoes and RTW starting in the 1990s. I vaguely remember there were some major ad campaign bags then like the gauffret (sp?) and the coffer. Though I gave them away or sent to consignment, I don’t recall any labels in those older bags.
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