Is a .25 classic Tiffany setting ring in RG too small


Sep 5, 2014
Thank you for the links resplendent, love those pictures!! Paired with the metro band, it could look good I think!
You're welcome! I agree, the 0.25ct doesn't look so tiny on some on those hands.

It's really fun to see how well-proportioned the 1.02ct looks on someone here, and a ~0.5ct looks great on someone else...people can have similar ring sizes but the shape and other characteristics of the hands will frame a stone differently.

One thing to note is 1) I heard of people report "size creep"...that is, once they get used to a smaller sparkly that initially seems just right, they start getting tempted to want something larger after a while; :biggrin: 2) ask Tiffany about what their upgrade/trade-in policy is? In case you do want to switch out the stone later. For fine jewelry I try to imagine how it may look on me as I age into the future...for instance I imagine a daintier diamond solitaire on someone like my mom who's now in her 70s (she's always been attracted to bolder jewelry) as sort of being...uninspired. As our skin may wrinkle and gain more texture over time, a 0.25ct stone that is sweet and modest today may not look so flattering into the future, and a ~0.5ct+ may have more longevity.

Full disclaimer: I'm seriously thinking about getting a plain platinum band + eternity ring when I (hopefully??) get married to an as-yet unmet husband to be. :smile: