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How much are import taxes when buying pre loved from overseas?

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  1. Does the postal office hold the item at the office until you go there to pay the additional taxes?? Do you get notified that you owe something additional and get told which postal office to go to to make payment?
    I’ve bought pre loved on eBay but always from sellers within the US and haven’t had to deal with this before.
  2. Yes. For CanadaPost, they leave a card for me saying how much I owe and where I go to pay the fees and pick up the bag.
  3. I’m normally checking the tracking number of my purchases, so I know when they have arrived. But usually once it arrives the delivery man leaves a notification, here in Mexico is called “Correos de Mexico”, then I have to go to the post office with the notification and my ID, they tell me how much I have to pay and they give me my parcel.

    I guess it’s very similar in every country. Here in Mexico it’s not frequent, but when it happens they usually charge a lot of money.
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  4. As others have mentioned, no duties on to shipments from Japan to the US under $800. I love buying vintage bags from Japan - I've gotten some great pieces for as little as $60 (vintage Celine), $150 (vintage LV), $250 (vintage Dior), etc.
  5. At least I can say that when ordering from Japan on eBay don't try to ask them to mark your parcel as gift or repair! I did so (coz I remember asking a seller once around 12 years ago and it was fine) - they canceled my order and reported me to ebay as some sort of international tax criminal
  6. They were right. You were attempting to commit tax fraud.
  7. I live in US and have bought bags from Japan $150-450. Never paid import taxes on any of them (5 bags total).
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  8. Hi ! I just am in the process of buying a bag from an e-bay seller from Japan! I'm wondering - have you had to always pay customs/duty/tax when shipping from Japan using EMS? The bag is around 2k$ canadian
  9. It really depends what the seller states on paperwork. Expect to pay GST, PST (if applicable) and the $10 Canadapost handling fee. Likely more if coming by courier but I think most Japanese sellers just use the postal service.
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  10. Agree with Karman-depends on what the seller described and declare the amount to be in the invoice/paperwork.

    From where I am from, the GST on leather bags is 5% of the amount paid for. Most websites I buy from uses international couriers like Fedex, DHL and they would already factor in the 5% for me upon cart check out, where that 5% will be used to pay directly to customs (upon arrival in my country) before the package make way to me.

    But if the delivery service were to be EMS (basically the postal services), you will probably get a card telling you to pick your package from the post office and pay the customs directly.

    I recently ordered a pre-loved bag from ebay and it was using EMS. Customs told me that during the x-ray of the package they saw it was a bag so they flagged it and asked me to show the payment receipt so they can collect the 5%. No receipt no taking the package. I guess they are pretty used to ppl under declaring the cost/value of the item, hence the strict measure.
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  11. Thank you so much for this info!!! Were you chArged extra fees beyond the canadiantax rate? I’m in Ontario and we have hst sadly.
  12. Every country has GST especially when it comes to leather goods/bags. Only thing is that diff country has diff GST rates. Ontario....doesn't matter, its still Canada. Just check with your local customs or their website on the GST rate, so you know how much to expect and prepare when paying tax. If they don't collect then lucky you, but in the mean time...just get ready to pay for it.

    I'm not from Canada so I don't know what is canadiantax rate.
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  13. Thanks for the reply!!! I haha just assumed you were from Canada. Hopefully I won’t have to pay more than just the taxes