Hermès Spring/Summer 2021 RTW and Accessories

Ally ambrosio

Jul 26, 2019
Please check out the podium thread.

Not all SLG/bag leather colours are the same/specific as those that are accessories/RTW, which are sometimes given different or generic names.

This is why we sometimes have to have separate threads for different H products.
Sorry dear can you link me the specific topic where leathers colors are being discussed atm? Please and thank you so much :hbeat: I feel so stupid because I can’t find it? Maybe I am not looking in the right place
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Oct 5, 2017
Hi! Do you mind sharing your location ? I asked my SA about it and she said she is not able to get them yet - my store is Chicago
sorry! I know I promised you pictures, but the clogs didn't fit me. they are bringing in correct size. I can also confirm the clogs w/ the kelly buckle are coming to US also! My SD said they are coming in blanc & noir, and the heel is wooden. They are putting in an order for me. the tap dancer/clogger in me is super excited!
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