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Louis has my heart ... and my credit card!
May 23, 2020
I always need the brand new LV smell :lol: It is just too good to not smell it :lol:

I only have another PO from the tapestry line. But if you compare the 2 PO's the Watercolor is twice a thick and also the glazing is twice as thick as on the other PO. My wallet has the same thick material and if I remember correctly, it took months until it closed correctly
I agree on smelling the new LVs - I do the same, because I love the smell of the LV items! The problem is, I sometimes close my eyes when doing it and say: It smells soooo tasty! And when I open my eyes, I see shocked looks :lol: :lol: :lol: :roflmfao: (BTW I don’t eat my LVs of course :lol:) I’m sorry, this is LVoe - and nothing I can do about it!!:loveeyes::lol::love:

Miss Dolly

Mar 31, 2016
BTP Kirigami set. I love it, the colours are way more vibrant in person and I actually like the blue colour more than I was anticipating :loveeyes::love:! The rose is definitely my favour with brume being the least as the grey tone is just as hash irl as it is in photos. Can’t wait for things to open up and the weather to get better so I can start wearing them :blush::panic:.

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Gorgeous Kirigamis Cherrie!! I agree the Pink is my fave, then the blue and last Brume. But good thing that the colors came in that size order hehe!!

It's here and here she is! I like it but I'm not sure I love it, need to see it in more lighting but I got an on the beach perfume sample too :giggle:

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I like it! it's beautiful! Wish i could get mines! Still i like it, what do you think you're gonna do with it?

Today an item arrived which I was unsure about the whole time but purchased anyways because of FOMO i guess. Now it arrived defective and I am kind of relieved that now I do not need to make a decision wheather to return it or not :rolleyes: Maybe this is my sign to go to ban island and stay there for a while :biggrin: Kinda dumb story overall but wanted to share anyways :lol:

(Also: ANOTHER defective item - havent we seen enough of them in this forum already :annoyed: Come on LV, is it this hard to make non-defective items?? :annoyed:)

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Well nice that you don't have to make a choice :giggle: , but yeah shame on LV!!! Come on!!

Yay, parcels are arriving! :beach: :choochoo:

My blue BTP MPA arrived today :love: I added a pic of the blue Victorine which is a tad deeper :yahoo:
Congrats girl so preetty!!! Now you have the set! I was even thinking of getting that Victorine. Show us pics inside if you can!!

It's a beauty really, and pics are great LV2 :loveeyes:

It's more because I rushed out the house after I got it after pushing back meeting my friend for my parcel :lol: . I'm not sold yet but I need to look at it a bit more. The inside is darker than I thought for sure. These are some other photos I took just before going out.

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Wow expected the inside to be much brighter :wtf: .. Don't know what to think but still i would keep it. Awesome for the pics!

ok, so here we have her, Petit Noé
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I'm kind of hesitant to keeping her, it is a beautiful bag but my heart just does not sing for it and I don't know if the strap should be liked that or if it will crack more...any advice?
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Oh, and all the info on the documents are in german, ok I did study german in school for 6 years but I am not in any means fluent:giggle:
The strap came brand new like That??!

So happy for all the unboxings:love::girlsigh: Simply gorgeous!!
You got the best girl, so beautiful! The whole complete set to match :yahoo:

Summer LV has arrived!! I know what people say now about the BTP colours being bright- and beautiful! But it’s certainly going to be noticed. I also got the men’s WC shawl and it’s gorgeous. The colours are amazing and it’s so soft. I thought about a bag/SLG but would be over my limit... but could buy this (almost!) worry free!!
Love both choices!! The Shawl is specially lovely!! Thanks for the pics :smile:

My PO has been delivered! Come on 5 oclock :panic:
Yayy!! :tup:

Miss Dolly

Mar 31, 2016
LV Spain hasn't followed me up... so today is Friday.. will ask about the unicorn PO...

I did however get an LV piece :happydance: that's preparing for shipping. :wave:

It's a Victorine wallet, this one:

It will go along with my DE Speedy 30 and if i never get the PO this will be it. If i get the MC PO or able to buy will keep both. This one i'm not going to return. I'm feeling it, wanted a red interior wallet for good luck and i think the Red/DE combo looks so pretty. I'm feeling it more at least than the Key Pouches! Hopefully it comes flawless :blush:

When i go to the boutique i will try to hotstamp it, don't have a problem to hotstamp regular, non LE pieces. At least with the MC PO i think i wouldn't hotstamp it, apart to being smaller space for a hotstamp.