Canadian Tod’s lovers, has anyone shopped from the official site before?

Harvard Girl

Oct 7, 2006
Toronto, Canada
Unfortunately we don’t have a store at all. The nearest one to me is in NYC. I plan to purchase Timelss T purse online ,and plz share ur online shopping experience/ stories. Thank you!


Aug 11, 2015
I'm in Canada, and I bought a D-styling bag online last summer on sale. Arrived, no problem. Beautiful bag, but it wasn't for me. I initiated a return, and found the customer service to be hands down, the WORST I've ever experienced. Seriously, like EVER. The return customs paperwork was all wrong, the bag got lost on its way back. I contacted CS multiple times for assistance and was ignored or received a copy-and-paste response. Only with my persistence, fueled by a growing amount of fiery resentment toward the company, did I finally get my refund, approx 4 months after this ordeal began. Bottom line, the bags are beautiful and well made, but only buy if you're absolutely sure you want to keep it since they're a nightmare to return. Alternately, MyTheresa and Farfetch sell Tod's, and I would recommend those sites much more than Tod's itself.