Booties chafing help

May 16, 2020
Never wore ankle booties before but dh got me 2 pairs. They're very pretty but chafe when i walk even w socks on.
(Can't wear leggings or tights).
I actually tried a soft scrunchie around my foot which helped stop the chafing but was visible ontop of the bootie.
Anything similar made for stopping ankle booties shafing?


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
Sometimes boots with too deep a heel cup will chafe my ankle (my foot is seated too deep and the rim of the boot irritates/hits my ankle or a point between my ankle and bottom of the calf. i asked my cobbler if padding would work, and instead he lifted the insole and added a thin pad underneath the heel. The tiny lift allowed me to wear the boots for the first time in years. The pad is very thin, so IDK how it works but it does.
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