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Balenciaga triangle bag help!

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  1. Hiya! So I’m fairly new to Balenciaga and still just getting into it. Unfortunately due to not having a huge budget for my bags I tend to try stick to the classic so they don’t go out of style. I’ve fallen in love with the triangle bag but I have a few questions.
    Is it still popular?
    Is it a classic bag?
    Is it worth buying it?
    I would be really grateful for anyone to be able to send me in the right direction :smile:
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    hello and welcome to BalWorld! :smile:
    Probably it would be right if i reply to you
    It is not STILL popular, i don't think it was ever popular. It was made for a couple of seasons (maybe 3) only.
    But it's SOOO very different that i don't think such attribute as "popular" relates at all.
    No, it is not a classic bag in terms of Bal.
    City, First, maybe Envelope clutch are, but not a Triangle.
    Worth buying, or not is a question everyone shall answer personally.
    Here's MY OWN opinion why i have 2 bags and 2 clutches :smile:
    It is a very unusual bag, it gets most compliments whenever i wear a Triangle (any of my 4).
    It is very minimalistic, and it's very eye-catching, head-turning, if i may say so :smile:
    it is not the easiest bag to use, due to its shape you need to adjust your stuff inside, but once you get used to it, it will be very easy.
    this model was not "popular" but it will never be "unpopular", they will always attract attention, and look fresh compared to all the others worn around you, it's hardly possible to meet someone carrying the same bag, and that's what makes them so appealling to me.
    My pink is size S, and she is the most complimented bag by far!
    My black is not from a standard line as it has no handles, but has a chain, and it's one of my 'save first in case of fire"
    My blue clutch is a casual outing one, or "sit inside a bigger bag" pouch
    My glitter clutch is :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    it steals the show whenever i carry it out, at attracts ALL the eyes at the venues, even men's!
    In the conclusion i'll add - i will never sell my Triangles, but before you open your wallet, ask yourself: do you see this bag in your collection? fitting in your style? staying and being used after a year? 3 years?
    good luck deciding! :flowers:
    p.s. if you have any more questions, or need more pics, please, feel free to ask, i'll be happy to help :smile:

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  3. Looking fabulous @ksuromax and great review!
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  4. :ty:
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  5. This wonderful review makes me want one :panic:
    loz @ "save first in case of fire" :lol:
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  6. FB806544-655A-4ADF-AAA3-03C6D365A356.png

    Thank you!!
    you’re comment really helped me decide
    Well i couldn’t get the bag out of my head so I compromised and brought it second hand :smile: I brought a beautiful dark pink triangle bag and I regret nothing
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  7. i got all mine new, but still no regrets either.
    It's a great choice, wonderful colour :tup:
    please, post your mod shots, if you don't mind :smile:
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  8. OMG!!! .. love, love, love your pictures .. can we trade hair??? I LOVE Red Hair, and tried it once .. and it LOOKED HORRIBLE on me, but I still love it! I also love your bags and maybe (what? - me?) I'm not the norm (have never been) .. but I love the Triangle bag!! Would love to add to my collection, but alas .. need $$$ .. where is my
    money tree.JPG
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  9. WOO-HOO!!! .. and welcome to the Bal-obsessed gang!!! :yahoo::drinks::hugs:
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  10. :lol: you're amazing! :hugs:
    thanks for the hair and Triangle love :hbeat:
    i have natural copper in my own hair (even inthe eyebrows and eyelashes), but i have always liked and enhanced it with henna, and i LOVE it, too :ghi5:
  11. It's funny, one would think that one of us (3 girls in the family) would have had Red hair! On my mother's side (full Italian), my Grandmother had Reddish hair (given where she was from - Northern Italy, I'm positive that there was a Celtic invasion at some time because she did not look like the 'normal' Italian)! .. and on my Father's (Irish) side, my Aunt had wicked-Tomato colored Red Hair (alas - her's was not the prettiest) and a lot more Red on that side. Both of my sisters have Red tones in their hair .. me? NOTHING!!! I look just like my Grandmother (Italian side), but my color has always been towards the Blonde side. Oh well .. will just have to wear a wig some day - HA!!!
  12. lol :lol: maybe you have that in genes, and it shows in the character?