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ABC Dior in Fard or Denim color?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was just notified by my SA that he has the Fard lady Dior in stock. Of course, I quickly went to look at it and oh boy is it a gorgeous color!!!

    The problem came when I was also shown the new Denim color and well now in a dilema that I’m confused as to which one to go for.

    Fard - pretty colour that goes with everything! The con is colour transfer.

    Denim - that blue really caught me by surprise. It’s such a pretty color and seems to go with pretty much everything as well. Cons - can’t think of any at the moment.

    For those that have either the Fard and Denim color could you share your pros/cons about each color?

    Hoping that could help me make up my mind.
  2. The denim colour is darker than Fard, but can show colour transfer as well because it is not that dark.

    I think you should go with Fard which is what you wanted originally.
  3. Thanks! Yes the Fard is my number one choice I’m just a tad concerned about having to take extra care of it when wearing dark colours....decisions decisions. I guess I just got distracted by the new Denim color that yes also light color. First world problems lol
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